Environmental standards regarding resources

The Tesco NURTURE module focuses on management of the crop protection agents list. The scheme includes environmental standards and requirements relating to, among other things, the shelf life of products. The module has been an add-on to the GLOBAL.G.A.P certificate since January 2017. Tesco’s Nurture environmental standard sets requirements for:

Use of crop protection agents and fertilisers
Preventing pollution
Protecting human health
Consumption of energy, water and other natural resources
Recycling and reusing materials
Protecting nature

Steps towards Tesco's Nurture certification

1. Gather information about the certificate you want to obtain
Please contact the MPS Service & Support team or visit our Services page.
2. Company visit, if applicable, or telephone call by MPS employee, to explain the certificate
3. Request quotation
You can fill out an online quote request form via our website.
4. Implementation of the certification requirements
5. Internal audit
If you need help with this, we can refer you to an external consultancy agency.
6. Certification audit
Once you have performed all of these steps correctly, we wish you all the best during the certification audit and we are confident that you will pass this audit with flying colours. For questions about the certification audit, please refer to the MPS Service & Support team.

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