Due to the corona crisis, additional measures apply to conducting an audit of your company.

Of course we follow the guidelines of RIVM including:
• Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
• Do not shake hands.
• Keep 1.5 meters (two arm lengths) from each other.

In addition, we ask you to take care of:
• An area where the auditor can quietly perform the audit. This means no full canteen or kitchen table with children playing.
• An empty, smooth and clean table top.
• A second monitor connected to the computer, so you can show documents to the auditor keeping the 1.5 meter distance secured. An alternative is to print or forward the documents to the auditor.
• A possibility to wash hands.
• Guidance of the auditor so that the auditor has to touch as little as possible (door handles / computer / documentation).

The audit cannot proceed if:
• The above conditions cannot be met.
• You or the auditor have cold symptoms.
• You or the auditor or one of your or his or her housemates have an increase, respiratory complaints or shortness of breath.
• The person who must show the auditor around in a category falls at increased risk (due to age, heart or lung problems, or other ailments).

The auditor will contact you one day before the agreed audit date to review the above guidelines. During this meeting you can indicate whether additional measures apply to your company. If it turns out that not all guidelines can be met, the audit will be moved to a later date or an alternative method of conducting the audit will be considered.