MPS is working hard on the benchmark of MPS-Socially Qualified (MPS-SQ) with GRASP, so that MPS-SQ certified companies may also use the consumer label (or GGN label) of GLOBALG.A.P.. When the process is completed, we will notify the affected customers.

Companies wishing to use the consumer label currently need to have a positive GRASP assessment in addition to the GLOBALG.A.P. or MPS-GAP certificate. Producers who have the MPS-SQ certificate cannot currently use the consumer label. These producers must therefore also include GRASP, which leads to unnecessary extra efforts and costs. When MPS-SQ is benchmarked with GRASP, the condition that the GRASP requirements must also be met no longer applies. MPS-SQ certified companies can then also use the consumer label of GLOBALG.A.P..

What does it mean when a certification standard, in this case MPS-SQ, is benchmarked?
When a standard is benchmarked to another standard, the benchmarked standard is at least equivalent to the original. In the case of MPS-SQ, this certificate is compared with GRASP, so that all conditions of GRASP are also included within MPS-SQ.