Ethical Trade Initiative

Supermarkets in the United Kingdom, such as Tesco, impose demands on horticultural suppliers regarding social conditions. To demonstrate that you meet these requirements, you can have your business operations assessed against the ETI criteria or apply for the MPS-Socially Qualified certificate. You can find the ETI Base Code online at

The difference between ETI and MPS Socially Qualified

ETI was primarily developed for the British market. MPS-Socially Qualified, on the other hand, is suitable for any country and enjoys wider international support from NGOs and trade unions. The ETI Base Code has many similarities with MPS-Socially Qualified, but is more focused on flower wholesalers and suppliers.

Certification process

Upon request, MPS-ECAS assesses companies against the ETI criteria and, if they meet them, issues a declaration of conformity. As a result of its expertise in the field of social assessment, MPS-ECAS is increasingly being asked to perform assessments against the nine ETI criteria.


Meets the requirements of UK supermarkets

Good social conditions

MPS-Socially Qualified covers these requirements