As of 1 June 2023, the updated certification standard MPS-Socially Qualified (MPS-SQ) has been published (version 10.1). This version will come into force on 1 August 2023.

If your company is certified for MPS-SQ and the audit is scheduled before 1 August 2023, the audit will still be conducted in accordance with the previous version (version 10). If the audit is performed after 1 August 2023, the new version (version 10.1) will apply to your company.

The most important changes to the certification standard include:

  • Audit time for sites outside the main site is 0.25 days (factors that may affect audit time include accessibility and clarity of data, type of audit (certification audit or periodic audit), and the number of employees at the site in question).
  • A number of requirements have been reformulated for clearer interpretation.
  • The basic wage of workers is never below the current poverty line set by the World Bank.
  • Working weeks including overtime should not exceed 60 hours.
  • Some additional requirements:
    • Employees should be compensated when they have to incur additional costs if they have to work away from their place of employment.
    • Consultation regarding MPS-SQ between employees and management should be put on the agenda.
    • An alarm should be in place for warning of emergency situations.

For the new certification standard and the new checklist, including the highlighted changes, of MPS-SQ version 10.1, please refer to the MPS website.