With effect from 1 January 2024, a number of standard elements will be changed in the MPS-Quality (MPS-Q) standard. MPS-ECAS will conduct audits against this amended standard from 1 January 2024.¬†You can find the new version of MPS-Q on the MPS website, under ‘Documents’.

The changes concern the reduced frequency of vase/shelf life tests, merging of the MPS-Quality and MPS-QualiTree certification standards and textual changes. Below is an overview of the most important changes:

Vase/shelf life tests
Participants regularly request MPS for exemption regarding the performance and frequency of vase/shelf life tests. Reasons for requesting exemption include the cultivation of starting material or trees.
With regard to vase/shelf life tests the following change has been made: for year-round crops, the number of shelf-life tests can be reduced from six to four tests. A condition is that all seasons must be represented in the test pattern (i.e. one test per three months must be realised). For seasonal crops, one test every three months may result in the need to carry out only one test due to short cultivation. It was therefore decided that for these crops, the frequency would be reduced to a minimum of two tests per harvest season.

Merging of MPS-Quality and MPS-QualiTree
MPS has two similar certification standards in the field of quality. MPS-Quality targets ornamental plant cultivation, while MPS-QualiTree targets arboriculture. Both standards have now been merged into one certification standard, as many requirements are similar. These requirements are accompanied by an indication of which target group they are relevant to.